how do you elaborate a completely hypothetical kind of relationship --knowing someone merely on a regular basis without any opportunity to have further conversation, without any condition to feel attracted one another, without a slightest thought on any potential intimacy whatsoever... 
even so, you couldn't help yourself wondering: why do i have these expectations? where do those expectations come from?

unaware of it, the two of you speak within signs. signs that are actually dying to be deciphered. signs that are impossible to be understood unless the both of you keep a certain distance. at first you are intrigued by the signs, as they gave you some purpose to keep wondering. later they became a familiar face, the curiosity began to vanish as well. afterwards, you have nothing left but to keep changing signs and live with those signs for the rest of your relationship. strangely... you both seem to love it that way. you love your expectations, now and then...

as for the result: you know almost nothing about that person. and vice versa.

i always knew that Shiina Ringo is equally known for her unusual choice of lyrics. not many japanese musicians would've combined both kanji and latin words in one song, and she's one amongst the few. a rare one.

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