emanon and rion

Then i saw one beast come out of the ocean.
It had 10 horns and 7 heads, 
each horn having a crown, 
and each head having a name in contempt of god...

To have the power to give to the beast, the dragon was worshipped by all people.
The people worshipped the beast as well,
and said,
"Who can become like this beast?
Who can oppose the beast, and fight him?"

(Johannes' Apocalypse, ch. 13, 1-4) 

A Nameless Monster
by Emil Scherbe
(From Monster comic series by Urasawa Naoki)

i found the following eight pages comic are simply enchanting, somehow they remind me of Poe's and Grimm's, but with more subtlety, more sophistic ways of picturing the worst nightmare for one could ever experience. these are written and drawn by one of the greatest Japanese mangaka, Urasawa Naoki. leaving you with nothing but bad... bad... aftertaste. 

mind the chills, people :)