on a lousy weekend

"if there's any particular element in a movie that can gives you the chill, the kind of delightful shiver, i presume that it mainly comes from the soundtrack.

here's the recap: 

i spent my last two-three days watching these Japanese animes which i previously known because of their amazing soundtracks. and believe me… they served me ears damn good time. or i might say, when it comes to good music, any other element consists in the movie itself is rather irrelevant -it still has good storyline and great character development nevertheless.

Cowboy Bebop 1998
Samurai champloo 2004
regrettably, i know some people may consider watching japanese animes is rather immature, or even foolish. especially when you reach certain kind of age -mine's 24th. but then again, this absolutely is a good piece to enjoy. and you're never too old to enjoy any cartoons, true? true… 

(come to think of it, why most cartoons have a good selection of soundtrack? particularly japanese animes. yeah. japanese people never dissapoint me with their musical taste.)

after all, here you go, several links to both animes which i mention above.
again: when it comes to good music, nobody has the right to ban you from enjoying it.

- cowboy bebop playlist on youtube
- samurai champloo playlist on youtube